Intercom for Correctional Facilities

Aiphone Intercom

Correctional facilities need robust perimeter security with reliable communication and functionality of an integrated solution that protects correctional employees. This gives confidence and peace of mind hence being able to concentrate on their daily duties and activities of communicating between stations, door control etc without compromise.

Images are clear and audio is second to none thus the person at the other end has no doubt with whom they are communicating with. Hence cell blocks and secure areas can be locked down at a moments, notice with full control over these areas. The equipment is available in an assortment of vandal resistant substations with uninterrupted services guaranteed.

Intercom For Health Care Facilities

Communication is more than just a business issue it is a critical component in the life saving industry.  Answering urgent patient calls, access control integration, access to restricted areas, relaying vital information to staff for urgent care this is all the name of effective internal communication as well as patient to staff communication.

Intercom For Educational Institutions

With the increase of theft and various violent acts and incidents in schools against students and teachers this provides cost effective audio and video intercommunication solutions. This enables administrators to be proactive in protecting all faculty, parents and visitors on the grounds

Intercom for Homes

videoPhones-groupIcon[1]In single family units and Multi Dwelling Units (MDU) this provides great communication between residents and visitors when they arrive at the gate, main entrance or doorway. You will have an audio and visual of who is there to visit you. Thus enabling you to be proactive should there a sense of danger. Also there is great communication between rooms, garages and outdoors by the pool. Safety is key and should be in the forefront of every bodies mind for personal safety as well as others 

We can provide applications from simple door answering units to complex multi-platform configurations with more than 30 out of the box systems, to the capability of customized solutions to meet any application.

                                                                                      Integration with CCTV security systems and access control is a simple process.